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Seen from a pet’s view
In principle, you should always see yourself from your pet’s point of view, what you do with them, with budgies, parrots and canaries. For example, you can be familiar with these animals, talk to these birds or photograph them in pairs and take your mind off things when doing so. In the end, family portraits are always what come out in the end – metaphorical images for which we invent analogies with our everyday relationships, of course: in front of the same purple wallpaper, sitting on the same dry branches and asking these birds how they are and then asking ourselves how we are. Those are all occasions that we invent for these pictures. That’s how people are. Rainer Totzke

Speech disorders
Seee, see, seee, seeem, seem
seee, ssseek, sseekk, seek
Sseekk, seekk
kkee, kee, kkkee, keenn, keen, kiiee
siii, siie, siee, seee, see
scree, scree, screech
cre, crei, creii
creei, creeii, creep
graa, grraa, graar
graabb, grab, garb, gaarr
tss, tssst
tststst, ttt, sssss, tstststste
prru, prrruu, pruhh, pruhhh, prruuhh, puhh
pluu, pll, pluuh, pluh
pluuss, plush, plusss, pluhh
sruum, srruu, sccrum, sccru, scru, srcum
src, srcc, scc, scc
st, st, st
u, uhh, uhhmm, um
wr, wrr, wrrr, wrri, wrii, wriii, writ
wii, wiss, wiis, wis, wiss, wise
krii, kii, kiii, kiil, kill
ttt, tiit, tiiie, tiee, tiiee, tiee, tier
tee, teeii, teeii, treeii, trei, trey
sss, sssaa, sssaaa
sa, sa, spa, spa, spaamm, spam
ssstt, sttt, ssss, sttttt
sssss, srrr, srrru, sruuu, srcuu, srcuuu, srcrum
viii, vi, vic, vicc, vice, viccc
viii, viiee, viee, vie, vile
Birgit Szepanski

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