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A house in the woods. A house at the edge of the woods. The road to the house at the edge of the woods. The house is surrounded by fir trees. The house lies on a slope. The house lies in the middle of the countryside.
When we built the house. When we saw the finished house for the very first time. The house is even more beautiful than on the plans. Our beautiful house in the woods.
The first photograph of our house on the edge of the woods. The slide shows our house. My wife is standing at the living room window. She is looking from the living room window straight into the woods.
The architect that designed the house. He designed the house according to our plans. In the plans, the trees that stand in front of the house were included. We did not want to cut down all the trees because our house lies in the woods.
We planted the garden of our house ourselves. Shrubs and plants that grow in semi-shade and that will grow well around our house in the woods. The quality of the air around the house is good because of the woods.
The driveway to the house was levelled off with a gravel stone path so that the natural surroundings were preserved. We live in natural surroundings.
The view from the house into the woods. From all windows you can see the woods. In the house, you can hear the wind rustling in the trees. It is very calm in our house at the edge of the woods.
The house is insured against forest fires. The insurance company insures houses that lie in the woods if they are connected by a reasonable access road.
By car, it’s a quarter of an hour to the town because our house lies in the upper part of the woods. The friends who visit us always say how beautiful it is in our house in the woods. Birgit Szepanski

Real estate consultancy
And we had that building loan agreement and we both had jobs. And so for the children, we built this house away from the city in the wood on a loan. See this photo – that’s what it looked like. Behind there is where you went down to the lake; every morning in summer, at the weekend sand castles and an old rowing boat for trips. The balcony faced south and we sat there in the evenings and barbecued or played canasta or rummy with friends till the mosquitoes came and mostly longer. And in the winter we showed slides on the living room wall – like this one here – and showed friends (and ourselves) what a good life we had in the place where we now lived. Until something unexpected happened between us, I think, first with you. And I never understood why. And so we left the woods and the lake behind us and the beach and our sand castles in various directions (you took the children) and had a print made of this photograph and gave it to the real estate consultant. And he sorted us into his catalogue of failed houses and put an advert in the local newspaper: “House for sale: Lake view, beach location, 5 rooms, oil central heating, 330,000 Marks” and this photo along with it.
That’s the way it happened back then. Much too fast.
Pictures don’t want to left alone. Rainer Totzke

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