Idea, concept and realization, Susanne Wehr
Photographs – volks-bild.com/Susanne Wehr

Media artist and photographer, she lives and works in Berlin. Numerous exhibitions and art projects since 1987. In 2007 she created the ongoing internet project volks-bild.com, which has given rise to various partnership projects.
The starting point of the personal-views project by Susanne Wehr is a selection of slides from her ongoing volks-bild collection.

Birgit Szepanski
MA (born 1970) lives and works in Berlin. She is an artist, art journalist and art specialist. She is currently working on a doctoral degree at HFBK in Hamburg on the subject of Die erzählte Stadt [The narrative city]. She is also engaged in the realisation of exhibition projects with place-specific textual and graphic interventions. She writes publications and catalogue texts for artists, press releases and curatorial projects for various galleries.

Rainer Totzke (born 1966), is a media philosopher at the Freie Universität Berlin, a member of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) research network “Bildphilosophie” (“Philosophy of the Image”), has a postdoctoral scholarship at the DFG “Notational Iconicity” Graduate College (FU Berlin), and has been self-employed since 2000 as a columnist, author and performer under the pseudonym of Kurt Mondaugen