britta schulze

A virtual picture book
The work incorporates a seven-sided virtual picture book, accompanied by the text “Photographs become Dreams” by Dr Rainer Totzke, along with corresponding photographs.
Seven paintings and drawings, prepared by me from the written content, are creatively displayed, together with the text, to produce this online version. Flowing from one page to the next, 2-3 lines of text appear per image – either as subtext, or interwoven graphically, to produce the virtual picture book pages. The pictures have been produced using different painting or drawing techniques, such as Indian ink drawings or acrylic paintings, and like the text, follow an appropriate chornological sequence. The cover of this virtual picture book shows the photograph “Woman before the curtain.”
Studied painting and graphic design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. Specialized class with Prof. Arno Rink.

Britta Schulze