gregor cürten

day drawings
a selection2007 – 2010
ink, watercolor, graphite, chalk, soja on paper
each 253 x 166 mm – 297 x 210 mm

“The essential thing is the unspeakable of the picture, that element of passing time. The act of drawing is already an echo with its characteristic delay; the drawing itself a relic of remembering. That which pen and brush try to capture is what has already been – always out of reach in the act of drawing – and despite this futility in the artistic transformation, the drawing embodies both present and future. The drawing possesses “real time” in the eye of the beholder, as he or she makes from the image of an image yet another image, in turn. “
Rosa von der Schulenburg –  Translation: Ralf Jäger

day drawing 07.12.07 1958.★

day drawing 11.12.07 1951.★

day drawing 16.02.07 1958★

day drawing 21.11.07 vater+sohn

day drawing19.03.08 trabis mit soja

day drawing 06.04.10 noris-church mailer net

day drawing 24.02.10 paul thek 1987

day drawing 17.05.10 sebaldhaus

day drawing 30.03.10 kellerlampe