luzia schelling

“2 times 4”  /   “8 Beine + 1 Augenblick”
35 years of keeping still are more than enough! In the video project “2 times 4”, the camera gives four girls some of the liveliness, impatience and curiosity back that have been hidden behind Sunday smiles, garden fences and ironed blouses since the 70ies: when does the camera go click, when does the birdy come? When does my life start? The simultaneity of film and photography reveals that the moment of exposure is much more than just a split second. Each moment experienced is charged by the time field that surrounds it.
Luzia Schelling
/ born 1966 / actress, performer and dramatic adviser / Berlin

Dancing legs: Rebekka Emrich, Zoe Emrich, Katja Fillmann, Marijana Savovska


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