marius heckmann

100 x 70 cm
Öl auf Leinwand

What are we looking at? Two little girls, obviously sisters are posing for the camera arm in arm in front of a neutral background. The taller one, standing on the left wears a shoulder free gown, light blue coloured. The younger one, on the right wears the same gown, light red coloured. Their naked feet put in white sandals.
The photograph seems to be taken in spring or summer. Their bodies show a healthy light brown taint, well corresponding with the colour of the background – perfectly contrasted by the pastel like colours of their summer gowns. Their faces are smiling towards the spectator in an open-minded manner. The whole staging gives a feeling of harmony, of shiny innocence and heartfelt obligation.Similar statements of private and intimate luck, synonymous with beauty are produced in a thousand ways, at every day in professional studios. They appear on any kind of tables, sideboards, desks etc.
Important is the absence of chance, incidence, defects.
Marius Heckmann